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TransUnion Completes Acquisition of Verisk Financial Services
TransUnion completed its acquisition of Verisk Financial Services. Together, our combined capabilities will help us better serve customers through enhanced insights into customer behaviour. Read More.

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Cards & Payments News Digests

CFPB shutterstock
Payments News Digest 3 February 2023

US: Administration planning to impose cap on credit-card late fees In the United States, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is proposing a long-flagged rule that would reduce late fees on credit cards . However the eight-dollar limit being sought would be a sharper cut than even consumer advocates had expected. Were the rule to be formalised, it would be a marked departure from the expected course as, under a formula approved by the Federal Reserve in 2010, late fees were set to increase this year in line with inflation. Throughout last year, the CFPB had been closely analysing the role that these fees were... Read more >

Wallet at POS – Shutterstock
Payments News: 27 January 2023

US wallet | Euro CBDC | Networks' 4Q

Skyscrapers in Wall Street US
Payments News: 20 January 2023

4Q results | BNPL | Nigeria's Ticking Clock

Calendar for 2023
Payments News: 13 January 2023

Cards 2023 | TikTok/JPM | India's UPI boost

Mobile phone with links in background
Payments News: 16 December 2022

Zelle security | UK payments | Anti-fraud

US flag and Capitol Hill
Payments News: 9 December 2022

Shadow banking | EU regs | Italy

Hand with blocks spell budget 2023
Payments News: 2 December 2022

Klarna 3Q | E-commerce | US credit cards

Harvest basket of vegetables
Payments News: 25 November 2022

TikTok challenge | Australia BNPL | US eating out survey

Card payment for coffee
Payments News: 18 November 2022

Balances spike | Crypto risks | SE Asia QR

PayPal logo on door
Payments News 11 November 2022

PayPal/Apple | Pay-By-Bank | BNPL

Hand with printed wood blocks
Payments News: 4 November 2022

Rates fallout | Customer care | Revolut

Finger pointing at graph
Payments News: 28 October 2022

3Q22 | Venmo/Amazon | Open Banking

rural, countryside, England, river, cheshire
Payments News: 21 October 2022

Apple | BNPL delinquencies | Revolut

Crystal ball held in the hand
Payments News: 14 October 2022

US cards | mPOS | Girocard

Diverging railway lines
Payments News: 7 October 2022

US routing | UK acquiring | BNPL interest

Cogs in machine
Payments News: 30 September 2022

Apple BNPL | Mastercard/Chase/DoorDash | Brazil caps

autumn, nature, leaves
Payments News: 23 September 2022

Late fees | India | UK cards

White marble columns
Payments News: 16 September 2022

Walmart | BNPL reg | Goldman Sachs

New Zealand flag
Payments News: 9 September 2022

NZ interchange | JCB app | Digital Euro

Phone with BNPL apps
Payments News: 2 September 2022

Klarna H1 | Pay by bank | Singapore

Credit cards and US banknote
Payments News: 26 August 2022

APRs | Interchange | P2P

Large balloons against a blue sky
Payments News: 19 August 2022

Cash waning in UK | APAC payments | Apple Pay

Woman in sunglasses with ring buoy lifebuoy.
Payments News: 12 August 2022

US & UK spend | Neobanks

Fork in the road
Payments News: 5 August 2022

PayPal BNPL | EVO | India boom

Woman at computer screen from above
Payments News: 29 July 2022

2Q22 schemes | UK cards | BNPL