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TransUnion Completes Acquisition of Verisk Financial Services
TransUnion completed its acquisition of Verisk Financial Services. Together, our combined capabilities will help us better serve customers through enhanced insights into customer behaviour. Read More.

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Cards & payments market reports

France Cards & Payments Research Report
France | June 2023 | 33 Pages Lessons from this France market report.

Development of online payment systems.
Latest payment preferences and trends.
How payment and card markets operate.
Cards in circulation and issuers' market share.
Regulatory policy and supervisory roles.
Evaluation of key market trends and growth.

Vietnam Cards & Payments Research Report
Vietnam | June 2023 | 31 Pages Insights in this Vietnam cards market review.

Development of online payment systems.
Analysis of the payment and card markets.
Cards in circulation and key issuers' market share.
Transaction numbers and billed volumes.
Regulatory policy influence on the cards market.
Key market trends and growth opportunities.

Spain Cards & Payments Research Report
Spain | May 2023 | 32 Pages Highlights of this Spain payments report.

Trends in Spain's payments market.
Profit pool analysis, networks and issuers.
Analysis of potential market opportunities.
Data on competitive dynamics.
Emerging market trends.
The growth of e-commerce in Spain

Italy Cards & Payments Research Report
Italy | April 2023 | 33 Pages Lessons from this Italy cards market report.

Consumer trends and growth in online payments.
Key performance indicators in Italy.
Details of cash use and mobile payments.
Historical, sectoral and regional trends.
Marketing strategies for cards and payments.

Changes in credit/debit cards market shares

Thailand Cards & Payments Research Report
Thailand | April 2023 | 79 Pages Market insights into payments in Thailand.

Payment preferences and consumer trends.
Development of online payment systems.
The growth of mobile payments.
Historical, sectoral and regional trends.
Forecast data for cards and payments.

Canada Cards & Payments Research Report
Canada | March 2023 | 68 Pages Key takeaways from this Canada report.

Payment preferences and consumer trends.
The growth of Canada's online payments.
The competitive landscape for payments.
Market shares for acquirers and issuers.
The context of sectoral and regional trends.

Japan Cards & Payments Research Report
Japan | February 2023 | 87 Pages Key facts in this Japan cards market report.

Trends in Japan's cards and payments market.
The financial and regulatory landscape.
Banking, acquiring and processing operations.
Marketing strategies for cards and payments.
How regulations govern the financial markets.

Nigeria Cards & Payments Research Report
Nigeria | January 2023 | 60 Pages Answers found in this Nigeria payments report.

How fintech has been boosted by back-end gains.
Why Nigerian banks are focusing on mobile.
Which sector could treble in size.
How cards potential could be unleashed.

United Kingdom Cards & Payments Research Report
United Kingdom | December 2022 | 79 Pages What you will learn from this UK report.

How the payments environment is evolving.
What alternatives to UK cards are emerging.
Why BNPL's greenfield phase is ending fast.
How UK debit use is changing in the UK.
Regulations to increase competition.

USA Cards & Payments Research Report
United States | November 2022 | 78 Pages Takeaways from this US cards market report.

How the US market continues to surprise.
Why cash remains so resilient.
Which profit pool drivers are key.
Responses to multiple challenges.
The future for credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Argentina Cards & Payments Research Report
Argentina | October 2022 | 71 Pages Key points in this Argentina report.

How consumers embrace the QR code.
The boom in mobile banking and digital wallets.
Credit card profitability forecasts5.
The sharp rise in debit card holding.
Which regulations are proving decisive.

Indonesia Cards & Payments Research Report
Indonesia | September 2022 | 66 Pages What you will learn from this Indonesia report.

How fintechs are harnessing the phone.
Why interoperability is transformative.
Which segments issuers target – and why.
E-wallet usage patterns as usage soars.
How the credit card market has failed to ignite.
The future of e-money and QRIS transactions.