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Portugal shifts from cash to cards

11 March 2020
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Portugal has one of the highest levels of card penetration per capita in Europe, an increasingly profitable credit cards market, strong growth in electronic payments and a well-developed merchant acquiring landscape.

The latest Country Report from Verisk Financial Research explores Portugal's cards and payments industry, providing concise commentary and deep data on the latest market trends and regulatory developments, with insights and profiles covering the key market players including banks, issuers, networks, acquirers and processors.

What you will learn from this report:

  • How credit card profitability has fared through Portugal's economic recovery
  • Where income is coming from as EU rules cap interchange
  • Which innovations are gaining market traction in Portugal
  • Why Portuguese banks' multifunction cards strategy is changing
  • The role and development of Referências Multibanco

Clients benefit from the deep analysis and expert commentary that enables them to make the best decisions in the Portuguese cards and payments market. They will learn from this Verisk Country Report how electronic payments have grown to an estimated 82 percent of the total value of consumer payments by 2019 while cash and cheques, as a proportion of total consumer payments, have fallen to an estimated 18 percent.
Research reveals Portugal has one of the highest levels of payment card penetration per capita while debit cards are the dominant payment card at the POS. Visa is leading in the credit card market in terms of cards issued, but Mastercard is not far behind while profitability per card is expected to reach $35 in 2022, helped by the yearly increase in credit card outstandings.
Read how smartphone penetration increased by almost 50 percent between 2013 and 2019, and how it now plays a key role in the growth of new payment methods. Each Verisk Financial Research report takes a consistent approach, with clear-sighted commentary and in-depth data providing comparable insight across markets. Order your copy online today.

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