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New United States payments report

02 March 2020
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A comprehensive overview of the cards, payments and merchant acquiring market in the United States, with clearsighted commentary backed by in-depth data.

The American point-of-sale is on the cusp of a revolution, as over half of debit and credit cards should be contactless-enabled by mid-2021.

Other changes are happening in less tangible ways: the Fed is developing a new real-time payments network, intended, among other things, to prise consumers away from their beloved cheque books.

Rewards competition may be peaking, but the cards industry remains buoyant and is experiencing profits to match. Zelle and Venmo are making mobile P2P payments popular, particularly among younger segments.

Merchants are looking for simple but powerful solutions, leading to integrated payments systems driving growth in merchant acquiring.

What you will learn from this report:

  • How contactless will boost revenue for issuers and networks
  • How the cards industry profit pool has evolved
  • Which technology may undermine mobile payments
  • Where issuers are carving out competitive advantages
  • Why scale has become so vital in acquiring

This new report looks across the American cards and payments industry, providing concise commentary and deep data on the latest market trends and regulatory developments, with insights and profiles covering the key market players including banks, issuers, networks, acquirers and processors. Order your copy online today.

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