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Czech Republic Card Payments Market Report

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  • Published Date: June 2022


This comprehensive overview of the cards, payments and consumer banking market in the Czech Republic provides clearsighted commentary backed by relevant data.
The report details values and volumes for many key performance indicators in Czech payments, including data tables on cash use, debit and credit card transactions, contactless and mobile payments over the review period.
Industry experts explore the country's payments system on infrastructure payment preferences, consumer payment trends and the development of online payment systems.
The report enables clients to understand and evaluate key market trends and growth opportunities in Czech Republic's cards and payments industry through intelligence on demographic and economic indicators, payment metrics and market shares for acquirers and issuers.
With most customers willing to try new technology, the Czech Republic is at the vanguard for contactless adoption in Europe. However, pay-later solutions, neobanks and Open Banking innovations have much room for growth as cashless become the norm thanks to an instant payments infrastructure that two in every three Czechs have used.

What you will learn from this report:

How the payments environment has evolved with the rise of contactless, cashless modes and mobile payments
How credit and debit cards are used, with profitability indicators for each
E-commerce payment trends in the light of BNPL and card innovations
Mobile proximity payments data and commentary on app-based solutions
The credit card profitability mechanism
Network market shares and interchange tracking
How credit/debit cards market shares have been changing
The merchant acquiring landscape, including MSCs and processor relationships/shares
Notable laws and regulations, vital statutory authorities and credit bureaux


  • The Czech Republic, which emerged from the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, joined neighbours Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria in the European Union just over a decade later.
  • The retail banking landscape is characterised by subsidiaries of sizeable European banking groups that face competition in this market from an array of consumer finance companies.
  • Czech consumers have been quick to embrace new payment methods, with the country one of the first in the world to see widespread adoption of contactless payments.
  • Spending on debit cards and mobile wallets grew enormously during the pandemic, replacing cash as the favoured payment method for many consumers.
  • The central bank operates the infrastructure for instant payments in the country through a payment system called CERTIS. Participation in the scheme is voluntary, so not all institutions offer instant payment services to their customers.

Czech Payments Research | Report Contents

Key facts
Payments environment
Cards market
Fintech and mobile payments
Credit card profitability
Merchant acquiring
Regulatory environment

Czech Republic Country Report Data Tables
(All 2016-25F unless otherwise stated)

1: Demographic and economic indicators.
2: Ownership of key consumer devices.
3: Internet usage by population.
4: Access points: 2016-23F.
5: B2C e-commerce payment methods: 2016-23F.
6: Total card payment metrics.
7: Contactless cards metrics.
8: Credit card numbers.
9: Total credit cards metrics.
10: Credit cards profitability indicators.
11: Debit card numbers.
12: Debit card metrics.
13: Mobile proximity payment metrics: 2017-25F.
14: Profit pool: credit card numbers, billed volumes, outstandings, interest incomes, net interest revenues, merchant revenues, card fee revenues, other non-interest incomes, total revenues, net credit losses, operating expenses, total expenses, pre-tax profits, merchant service charges, rollover rates, APR, net credit losses to outstandings, operating costs to revenues, ROA (pre-tax profits to outstandings).

(All 2016-23F below unless otherwise stated)

15: Networks' credit card market shares.
16: Credit card interchange fees by network.
17: Networks' debit card market shares.
18: Networks' debit card numbers.
19: Debit card interchange fees by network.
20: Key credit card issuers' market shares by credit card numbers: 2018-23F.
21: Key issuers market shares in credit card outstandings: 2018-23F.
22: Key debit card issuers' market shares by debit card numbers: 2018-23F.
23: Merchant acquirer credit card market share: 2022E.
24: Credit card merchant service charges: 2016-25F.
25: Merchant acquirer debit card market share: 2022E.
26: Debit card merchant service charges: 2016-25F.
27: Credit card issuer/issuing processor relationships: -
28: Credit card acquirer/acquiring processor relationships: -
29: Credit card issuing processor market shares by card numbers: 2022E.
30: Credit card acquiring processor market shares by the number of POS transactions: 2022E.

Czech Republic Country Report | Selected Extracts

Payments environment
Both in terms of the number of cards in circulation and billed volume, the country's payment cards market has shown tremendous growth over the past decade. Mobile payment alternatives are becoming increasingly popular, especially virtual payment cards in e-wallets.

Cards market
This well-developed and competitive cards market continued to grow during 2020 and 2021, as POS terminal infrastructure grew and the variety of online and smartphone payment apps increased.

During 2021, it is estimated that over half of the population bought at least one product online, mostly by mobile, indicating market maturity for online payments and e-commerce.

Fintech and mobile payments
Czechs are among the most enthusiastic European adopters of mobile proximity payments... 83 percent of people here prefer contactless payment while a fifth of the population pays using a smartphone.

Credit card profitability
Credit card spending declined in 2020 as lockdown measures constrained travel. Spend rebounded well in 2021 however, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Spend growth over the past decade has been fuelled by e-commerce.

Card networks
Mastercard has a dominant position in the credit cards market, with Visa struggling to penetrate. Commercial credit cards are rising here, and the networks are launching new products.

Five banks dominate this retail banking market: Česká Spoitelna, ČSOB, Komerční Banka (KB), UniCredit Bank and Raiffeisenbank.

Merchant acquiring
The Czech merchant acquiring market, like many others, has been characterised by consolidation in recent years, as several acquiring banks have sold their operations or entered joint ventures with large foreign processors.

Regulatory environment
The Czech National Bank supervises financial institutions and banks here and serves as the country's central monetary authority.

Czech Republic Payments Report | Entities Referenced
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Česká národní banka
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Czech Bank Card Association
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Czech Statistical Office
Diners Club
European Central Bank
Global Payments
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International Monetary Fund
International Telecommunication Union
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Úad pro ochranu hospodáské soutže


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